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Oktoberfest is celebrated throughout the world. In the United States and Canada there are more than 2,000 major Oktoberfest celebrations annually. The first Steve Bencic Original Greater Cleveland Oktoberfest was held 50 years ago at the beautiful German Central Farm.

Oktoberfest actually began as a royal wedding in Munich, Germany on October 12, 1810. In the years following the wedding, all the appreciative Bavarians in and around Munich held anniversary celebrations until, about ten years later, the celebrations turned into annual Oktoberfests.

Join the fun at our Oktoberfest here in Parma, Ohio on September 7 & 8, 2018.  Observe the colorful heritage, culture, music, and dances of the German people. Our own unique version of this legendary event offers something for the whole family, and for both the young and the young-at-heart.

German Central's Oktoberfest, which was first held in 1999, provides a golden opportunity to get together with old friends and form new acquaintances. Enjoy the delicious food, flowing beer, and Gemuetlichkeit.

You may also view the Oktoberfest Schedule or the Oktoberfest Menu.

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